ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES affect us all equally and most of us have a heightened awareness of the environmental impact on our planet. All of us need stable climate weather patterns, clean air and clean water for survival and we at KEE play our role in securing the cleanliness of our water sources.

KEE GROUP, comprising of KEE Process Limited and KEE Services Limited is a privately-owned British company which, for the past 60 years, has been at the forefront of providing affordable solutions for the treatment of wastewater and its discharge into a watercourse or the aquafer.

We all take for granted a clean water supply but the treated wastewater discharged into the environment, in almost all cases, does become a source for that clean water supply. Consequently over many  years, quality requirements for discharge of treated effluent to watercourses have gradually been tightened up and at present these quality requirements do not only relate to reduction of oxygen demand and suspended solids but also include nutrient removal such as total nitrogen and phosphorus. Behind the scenes at KEE, we have been busy making sure that we continue to rise to the challenge of the stringent requirements for discharge of treated effluent from Municipal and Industrial wastewater treatment systems.

To support this mission, KEE has patented and introduced a large range of technologies and hardware to provide systems for treating small and large flows. The small flows are treated using KEE NuDisc® single-piece packaged plants, which are designed and engineered to provide value for money and are configured to operate with minimum day-to-day intervention. In addition to these single piece KEE NuDisc® packaged plants, there is the modular system arrangement, based on various technologies such as RBC, SAF and Activated Sludge plants. These single piece and modular packaged plants are versatile in their application and are able to provide nutrient (total nitrogen and phosphorus) reduction in the packaged plant configuration.

KEE also provides and supplies solutions for larger flows, which may involve construction of a plant from modular components and hardware, or a totally on-site built system. KEE has all the technology options at its disposal and is therefore able to process-engineer the optimum solution for the application, taking into account the customer’s needs and the site requirements. To facilitate this, KEE provides the services of its Process Engineers to evaluate the site requirements and the treatment objectives. KEE wastewater treatment technologies include Submerged Aerated Filters (SAF), Rotating Biological Contactors (RBC), Extended Aeration Activated Sludge Treatment Plant, Sequencing Batch Reactor Activated Sludge Plants, Oxidation Ditch, Ultra-Fine Filtration Modules, Dispersed Air Flotation (DAF and Microfloat) and Anaerobic Reactor for treatment of high-strength industrial wastewaters. The suitability of any one, or a combination of these technologies and unit operations, will be assessed to arrive at the most optimised solutions.

KEE has introduced various features in the hardware offering the above technologies and these include:

  • Patented Managed Flow features in the system enabling hydraulic and organic attenuation of loads.
  • Removable fine bubble membrane diffusers in SAF Systems without the need to remove the media or empty the tank.
  • Highly efficient and cost effective dispersed air Microfloat® System for removal of fat, oil, grease, suspended solids, BOD and COD from industrial wastewater discharge.
    Introduction of high-efficiency surface-mounted dual mode processor designed to provide efficient mixing and fine bubble aeration of deep basin activated sludge systems.

A good and well-executed engineered solution for treatment of wastewater is only part of the total ongoing requirement for our clients. To complete the package, KEE also offers its clients the basic service and maintenance of hardware and equipment, or can take over the total operation and maintenance of the plant on behalf of the client. The objective for KEE is to provide their customers with the lowest lifetime cost solution and KEE rises to the challenge by offering to operate the plant at a fixed price. This gives the client complete peace of mind. KEE also offers to operate and maintain plants supplied by other manufacturers after an initial survey and evaluation of the system already installed.

The Literature site  includes a complete set of KEE literature and Press information on all their technology and services offered, including KEE NuDisc®, KEE EnviroSAF, KEE Microfloat® Dispersed Air Flotation System and the Triton® Dual Mode Processor for aeration and mixing of activated sludge in conventional and extended aeration plants and oxidation ditches.

To see the capabilities of the KEE Group of companies please visit the KEE Group website.

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