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Biological Tertiary Filter Units for BOD, Suspended Solids, Ammoniacal and or Total Nitrogen reduction.

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KEE have introduced a new range of tertiary filter units to their wastewater technology called KEE NuTech Tertiary Filters.

The new range of KEE NuTech Tertiary Filter units are a multistage biological – physical system and operates with minimal maintenance and does not require electrical power for its operation, except for specific circumstances. The tertiary filter polishes the final effluent from the final settlement stage of a treatment plant and the polished effluent can be discharged through a UV light disinfection system to make it suitable for irrigation use.

The media is contained in easy to handle bags and these bags are arranged to optimise the breakdown of the organic components of wastewater by alternating aerobic and anoxic stages.  The aerobic layers of media are aerated through natural ventilation using ventilation stacks and vent pipes or can be low pressure, low power, fan assisted through forced ventilation.

The bio-degradation capability of the tertiary filter eliminates the need to backwash the filter on a regular basis.  The tertiary filter media therefore provides the physical separation of the fine solids and the environment for the natural bio-degradation of these retained solids.

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Tertiary Filter Options The KEE NuTech Tertiary filters are available as free standing units or as an integral part of a KEE Packaged Plant.

NuDisc Tertiary Filter system

KEE NuDisc® HR-R Packaged WwT Plant is a simple low energy, low maintenance system, offering the lowest lifetime cost compared to most similar packaged plants for high quality effluent in the market. The treated effluent can be recycled for irrigation, general outdoor washing, toilet flushing or similar non-potable use.

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