KEE RBC Wastewater Treatment Systems

Rotating Biological Contactor (RBC) Wastewater Treatment Systems

Single piece NuDisc® NuDisc-R® packaged RBC treatment plants – Factory built self-contained packaged treatment system housed in GRP structural enclosure – Simple to install with minimal site work and suitable for small to medium flows of up to 100m3/day in single-piece configuration.

Factory Built Packaged RBC Modules Structural GRP enclosures up to 3m diameter and assembly on site-built concrete enclosure for Larger 3.66m and 4.5m diameter RBCs – Biological treatment stages for larger wastewater treatment plants in modular configuration with unique managed flow technology incorporated as standard. These modules are offered as factory built units in GRP tanks with covers or can be installed in concrete tanks built on site and are available in diameters up to 4.5m.

KEE Wastewater Treatment Systems can be configured for BOD removal and/or nitrification and/or de-nitrification and can include a built-in or modular physical-biological tertiary filter. UV disinfection can also be included into the packaged plant to enable non-portable water re-use.

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KEE PROCESS LIMITED and KEE SERVICES LIMITED – are BSI Certified Companies (IMS, QMS, OHS & EMS) offering domestic and industrial wastewater treatment solutions using RBC, SAF, MBBR, IFAS, Activated Sludge Process Options (Extended Aeration, SBR, Oxidation Ditch) and enhanced Customer Support by providing on-site service, maintenance and lifetime operation of the KEE Treatment Systems and/or those supplied by others. Their expertise in design, manufacture, servicing, maintenance and operation of equipment for all types of wastewater treatment plants is backed by over 60 years’ experience and over 350,000 installations worldwide.

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