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NEW SERVICING REGULATIONS have been introduced for small sewage treatment plants and septic tanks.

KEE offer Maintenances Plans to that ensure that your sewage treatment plants and septic tanks are compliant.

The Environmental Agency in January 2015, introduced a new code of practice making you as a home or business owner fully responsible for the maintenance of your wastewater system. If you have a small sewage plant or a septic tank, by law you must ensure that your system is maintained properly and does not cause pollution.  It must comply with the ‘general binding rules’.

Protect your local environment by following the rules.

Comply with the general binding rules, just follow our recommended steps below:

  • Get expert, specialist advice, call in a KEE Services engineer for an appraisal; your wastewater treatment systems should be serviced regularly and properly maintained. If it isn’t it can be a serious health hazard and pollute the local environment. Your sewage treatment system must be ‘fit-for-purpose’ and comply with industry standard EN 12566.
  • You are also at risk of prosecution if the regulations are not upheld.
  • You are limited to discharge a maximum of 2,000 litres of treated sewage per day into the ground or 5000 litres of treated sewage per day to flowing water.

If you discharge more you will need a permit.

Regularly maintaining your treatment system properly will help prevent pollution, avoid costly repair bills and minimise your energy consumption:

  • Get the sludge emptied regularly
  • Get it serviced using a KEE engineer and fix any problems immediately
  • Regularly check your system for any signs of pollution such as sewage smells, pools of water, sludge, foam etc. If you notice any of these issues please contact KEE to arrange a service visit.
  • Don’t flush sanitary items, nappies, ‘flushable’ wipes or similar objects down the toilet as they can block the system.
  • Don’t push fats, oils or chemicals down the drain as they kill bacteria that break-down the waste. KEE offer a biological solution to solve this problem:
  • Use low or no phosphate detergents, which are kinder to the environment.
  • Keep maintenance records to know when to service and empty your system.

Call KEE today on 01296 634500 for advice on a maintenance plan that ensures your system is compliant or visit:  and arrange a call-out.

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