KEE Surface Mounted Fine Bubble Aeration Systems

Surface Mounted Fine-Bubble-Aeration Systems

KEE Triton Aerator/Mixer – The KEE Triton is an energy efficient, dual mode mixer/aerator processor that is capable of nitrification and de-nitrification in one unit. With two propellers and a regenerative blower, the Triton is able to operate either as an anoxic mixer or an aerator/mixer for basins up to 10m deep. The Triton can introduce vital mixing, supplemental aeration or aeration system upgrade to revitalise existing activated sludge treatment plants configured as extended aeration system in circular or rectangular tanks or oxidation ditch configuration to improve plant performance or increase capacity or save energy.  Aeration system upgrade does not require plant decommissioning.

KEE Wastewater Treatment Systems can be configured for BOD removal and/or nitrification and/or de-nitrification and can include a built-in or modular physical-biological tertiary filter. UV disinfection can also be included into the packaged plant to enable non-portable water re-use.

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KEE is a globally recognised brand operating within in the industrial, commercial and domestic wastewater treatment industries. KEE’s specialist knowledge and expertise is derived from over 60 years’ experience in the design, development, manufacture, install, commissioning, operation, refurbishment, repair and maintenance of wastewater treatment systems and equipment, including:

  • Fixed Film Reactors: Rotating Biological Contactors (RBCs), Packaged RBC Systems, Moving Bed Biological Reactors (MBBR) and Submerged Aerated Filters (SAF).
  • Suspended Growth Reactors: Extended Aeration, Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR), Oxidation Ditch, IFAS process technologies and Anaerobic Biological Reactor (ABR) for high strength industrial waste.
  • ‘Turn Key’ Solutions: Technical Design, Project Appraisal & Management, Process Engineering, Plant Installation & Operation, Equipment Refurbishment & Upgrades and Plant Rental. KEE also provide approved spares and ancillary products such as Final Clarifiers and Settlement Tanks.

KEE Services Ltd specialise in maintenance & repair services for all makes and types of wastewater treatment systems & pumping stations. Our nationwide team of directly employed, regional engineers and technicians are KEE trained, DBS checked and British Water Certified.

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